a mess of fun

i have so many fun pictures of sweet cheeks to share. seems like we have done so much in the last week or so, and as a result, lots of good photos. i will preface this post by saying that sweet cheek's 3rd birthday is exactly one week from today, so i find myself a lot more sensitive these days. i am so excited to be the mother to such an amazing almost 3-year old, but it still makes me sad to see how quickly time is flying by. i miss her being so tiny. i miss my baby. i miss her being dependent upon me for many of her daily needs. i am proud of her for being so strong, so opionated, and so independent, yet it is a bitter sweet. this baby of mine is in fact not a baby at all. she is 100% kid.

i have mentioned it before but sweet cheeks has this constant need to always carry her bag with her. i am told this is normal, as lots of my friends kids do the same thing but i think it is kind of funny just the same. here she is with her bag that i always see her put stuff into but never really take anything out!

we had great weather on sunday so we met sweet cheek's aunt and cousin at the park for a little playtime. i was pretty impressed with sweet cheeks and how well she did on a lot of the "big kids" stuff. i was nervous to let her but she did really well. how do parents with more than one keep their eyes on both kids when at the park? i was worried the entire time about loosing her and she was the only kid i had to watch for.

sweet cheeks and i spent more time outside on sunday. she was snacking on a rice cake, just walking around the front yard. the way she was standing in this picture is a real precursor into her attitude later in life. i totally see it.

i love this picture of sweet cheeks taken at the aquarium last weekend. she truly is this happy.

the aquarium has a 3-D movie. it was hilarious seeing sweet cheeks in these funny glasses but she really enjoyed wearing them. i was impressed with how well she did during the movie itself. there were several moments in the interactive show that made us both jump, and she removed her glasses a few time, but she did great.

sweet cheeks got this shovel/bucket from a birthday party she went to. she was desperately looking for something to shovel, so i entertained her for a good bit by allowing her to shovel jelly beans. she loved every minute of it.

i really find myself loving every picture i take of this girl but i sincerely love this one. sweet cheeks was trying on her birthday tiara the other day when i took this shot. she is perfect, but she looks so big to me. this is the photo that had me seeing just what a big girl she is. again, i am excited and proud for the little girl she is becoming, but i do miss the little baby i had not that long ago.

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