all by myself

sweet cheeks is growing up too fast for me. i am constantly telling her to slow it down because i miss my baby. she just laughs at me. she enjoys growing up and independence way too much. seriously. too much. like closes the door when she gets ready in the morning. like brushes her own hair, washes her face, and brushes her teeth by herself.

after school the other day, sweet cheeks hopped right into her booster seat and buckled herself up. i smiled and told her that i am sad that there isn't much left that she needs me to do for her. she does it all on her own now. she smirked proudly back at me. then at a sweet attempt to make me feel better, she said 'except for dinner.' and that isn't much because truth be told, 4 days a week the husband cooks, 2 days we eat out, and that leaves me with 1 pathetic dinner a week (usually soup, sandwiches, or pasta- how weak is that).

so what does sweet cheeks do when we get home? she ran right to the kitchen, got out a measuring cup, and asked me for flour and eggs. i asked her what she needed it for, to which she quickly responded, "to make my own dinner."

she made herself chocolate chip pancakes. it was pretty impressive. she did the measuring and the mixing. i did the actual stove part and told her she had to at least be able to reach the stove in order to use it.

so just like that, she proved to be miss independent by making her own dinner. for a second, i was a bit weepy by the fact that my little baby isn't my little baby. i got over that quickly when i saw how much she ate of her very own pancakes.

so proud

so tasty


melissa said...

Yum! Maybe she can make us some Sunday morning!

Bettina said...

WTG SCC. Love the pictures in front of the tree. We still have to go buy a tree.

aka Molly said...

Way to go SC!!