oh oh it's magic, you know

our christmas present to sweet cheeks was a big one this year. we took her to meet mickey and minnie mouse at their place. it was amazing. all 7 days of it.

disney was even more amazing than we could have imagined. everything we did, every place we went, and everyone that worked there made our holiday vacation just so memorable! that place is magical.

i really wonder what the ratio of employees to guests is. disney employs so many people who for the most part really seemed to enjoy working there.

surprisingly enough the only complaint we had at all of the parks was the other vacationers. we were pretty disappointed in the way people pushed, shoved, stomped, and cut others to get ahead. seriously. i thought we were going out of our way to be nice to others at such a special place, but not everyone behaved that way. my only complaint. that's pretty good.

so i can't wait any longer.

i have so many great pictures to share. so many. here's a sampling...

entering the kingdom for the first time

after a visit to the bippity boppity boutique

the best view is from daddy's shoulders

a very merry christmas parade. she loved seeing all of the princesses

ahhh... tea cup induced nausea

the ever popular dumbo ride

one of sweet cheek's favorite rides at epcot

yup. another parade.

face painted at the animal kingom

seriously. look closely at the expression on sweet cheek's face as she met belle

me and my girl at epcot in front of the big ball, as sweet cheeks called it

lets go back!


Mom said...

Hope it's magical for you too!

Susan said...

I want to go back too - will you take me??

Cara said...

We felt the same way after we got back.. we were ready to plan the next trip! I am so glad you guys enjoyed it!

tiffany said...

this makes me so excited to take our little girl to meet all her favorite princesses at disneyland!