dinner with friends

we are so lucky in that we have two sets of close friends with kids near by, less than 1-2 miles. it works out perfectly. we get together pretty often for dinner and playtime for the kids. of course now that i think about it, i don't think we really even go to friend's houses that don't have kids. just too risky! such a different world.

sweet cheeks has so much fun playing with our friend's twin boys, who are only 5 months younger than she is. they play so well together. i have to say that it is a refreshing change when sweet cheeks plays with them as there is usually no drama or crying. i think boys play so differently than girls. and i can tell sweet cheeks likes playing with a whole new style of toys.

the boys, trey and o'neal, have a lot of super hero costumes. so now every time we go to their house, sweet cheeks wears her super girl costume. it is pretty funny.

sweet cheeks and o'neal saying cheese

trey's super smile (i love his super long lashes!)

dinner time


Mom said...

She really is a super girl, just like her mom.

Beth said...

Love the pictures! They do play so nicely together!