little miss sunshine

sweet cheek's cousin, cailyn, turned 8 last month. she had a slumber party and invited 7 girls, including sweet cheeks (the only oh-so-cool 4 yo invited). i thought it was so sweet of cailyn to invite sweet cheeks, considering she is 3 years younger than the rest of them. she could have easily not mentioned the party to sweet cheeks and moved on, but she didn't do that. she invited and welcomed her among her 8-year old giddy school friends. how sweet is that.

i think sweet cheeks did a pretty good job of hanging with the older girls. she didn't show her true age all that much. and by that i mean she didn't cry or whine the entire night. she was even able to stay up till almost midnight. i was impressed.

sweet cheeks and cailyn before the party started (and yes, sweet cheeks intentionally tried to dress like her cousin by wearing a similar tutu skirt)

the birthday girl

cupcake time

look how well sweet cheeks blended with the other girls

on our way home from the party, the first thing sweet cheeks asked me was, "what does cross your heart mean?". funny the things she picked up on.

i am so happy that sweet cheeks has cailyn. they are like sisters and i absolutely adore that they have one another.

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Bettina said...

That is so cute. SCC is one lucky girl.