day 1 of 1800

today i am happy, excited, and proud.

today i am scared, nervous, and anxious.

today sweet cheeks begins her elementary school years.

today sweet cheeks starts kindergarten.

how adorable is she in her uniform. love IT.

sweet cheeks was so excited. she should be. she is more than ready to start kindergarten and i know she is going to do absolutely amazing things there. my girl is one smart cookie.

however, i am still a mom. which by nature means worrier, right. so i will say that i am nervous about her being out in the big world. i have to trust the system and pray that same system doesn't fail me. it is scary to realize how many more outside influences she will be exposed to. it is hard to rely on a 5 year old to take care of herself, though i know she is quite capable of doing so. i am just having a hard time adjusting to sweet cheeks not being sheltered and babied as she was before in her preschool. never mind the fact that i am trusting her with total strangers. her teacher seems like a real sweet person but at this very moment, sweet cheeks and her teacher are the only ones i know at her school. we knew everyone, literally, at her old school.

adjusting and change are hard for me.
i am so excited for my big girl though. i truly am.
together, these two will do great things. sweet cheeks and her teacher


Sara said...

wow! She looks adorable in the uniform!

Philip said...

I wish i could go check on her right now! i cant wait until we go get her!

melissa said...

I love her knee socks!

Bettina said...

She is sooooo CUTE!!!! And you put exactly into words how I feel.
Hope her first day went great.

Mom said...

Thank you for sharing you heart! (and your daughter).

Heather said...

She is adorable! I felt the same way and still do about starting school! Well said!