i want to get away, i want to get away

on august 12, 2010 the husband and i will celebrate our 10th year of marriage. holy smokies that's a lot of years for such a young couple... i'm sure that is the exact thought that ran through your mind, right. seriously it is a lot of years. the great thing is that after so many years with him, i still absolutely love my husband. he is awesome. and an amazing father to boot.

so since my cousin is getting married on our anniversary weekend this year, we decide to take a mini-anniversary trip away this past weekend. my sweet sister and her husband were ever so kind to take in sweet cheeks for the weekend (who by the way loved every last moment with her cousins, aunt, and uncle).

we, the husband and i, swept ourselves away to the ever so glorious mountains of chattanooga, tn. i wasn't sure what i was expecting at first, other than a get away in two hours time. but what we ended up having was a really great time!

who knew that on friday nights in chattanooga it is bike night. you can only imagine how delighted the husband was to see all of the motorcycles. he even ran into someone he races with. small world with those bike guys i guess. funny how two wheels can bring so many people close together.

not only was it bike night, but there was also a free concert in the park. all of the band's songs sounded exactly the same, but it was still fun, free, and outside. we really enjoyed just sitting outdoors (and not sweating to death or being eaten alive by mosquitos), talking, and drinking a few cold ones. it doesn't get any better than that

of course we had to take a few shots of ourselves since we didn't have anyone else to do it
on saturday we walked to a great restaurant, blue plate, for breakfast. then we watched an imax movie on oceans. great movie but a little too preachy in the way of the environment. i just wanted to see dolphins and whales swimming in their environment, but left feeling bad for all the ocean's sardines.

in the late afternoon, we went for a guided boat tour down the tn river. it was actually quite fun. we learned that moonpies are made in chattanooga, as well as all twix bars. who knew! mmmmmm.... moonpies.

a few pretty shots of downtown chattanooga from the southern belle boat we were on

me at the restaurant we had dinner at on saturday night. sadly the food wasn't good at all. lucky for me the company was
we had our waitress take this one so we would always remember that we did in fact still love, and even like, each other after 10 yearshow lucky were we that on saturday night, chattanooga hosted a 2nd outdoors concert (just for us). you can bet your bottom we were at it. much like the night before, we were in heaven being outside in the cool mountain weather, chatting it up over a few coldies. it really was so refreshing. and what a view since it was down by the river. that is the aquarium behind all of the people.

all in all, the husband and i really had a great weekend away.

thanks melissa, brent, and cousins for entertaining sweet cheeks for the weekend.

thank you husband for marrying me 10 years ago. i am still happy with my decision in saying 'yes.'


Mom said...

so sweet!
when it's right it's right.
I love you both and wish you many, many more years together.

Bettina said...

Such a sweet write up. I hope your hubby knows how lucky he is :-)
Happy anniversary. I'm so happy that you had so much fun.

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! Very sweet!

Sara said...

great pics! So glad y'all had a good time!