apples to apples

so we had our yearly trip to the apple festival. and once again, the kids were awesome and we all had a great time. of course i had to go to sleep with sweet cheeks both nights as it was quite exhausting and morning sickness kicked in mostly in the evenings. so i missed out on the fun adult conversations once the kids went to bed but at least i was able to enjoy the daytime fun.

on saturday morning, we took to the kids to an orchard that had lots more than just picking apples for them to do. they went on a tractor ride, had tricycle races, bounced, jumped, and slid. it was a lot of fun.

she went a bit higher than i would have liked her to.

later in the afternoon, we took sweet cheeks to the apple festival itself. she was focused on one thing and one thing only once we got there... finding her $2 balloon yo-yo, which she has gotten the past 2 years. (a balloon with water in it and a rubber band tied to it, astonishing right) she found it and was happy as can be. i seriously think the only reason the husband and i go to it is for the food. we had the best caramel apple and fried pickles. doesn't get any better than that.

of course there had to be face painting!

i am pretty sure sweet cheeks will agree that the highlight of the weekend was roasting marshmallows over the newly built fire pit. we were all on our toes watching 5 kids aged 5 and under around open flames, but they all did really well. and oh my gosh were the marshmallows to die for. the kids were making smores but i seriously skipped the graham cracker and chocolate, and simply stuck with the crunchy outer shell, gooey inside of the roasted marshmallow. i could go for one right about now.
yummy and gooey


Sara said...

I agree about the festival- i know i went for the yummy caramel apples!! I will have to get the pickles next time for sure! and the girls do still love their fancy yo-yos!
Maybe we can do smores in one of our backyards soon?!

Mom said...

I wonder if she will be the very first bride to have a painted face. She sure does love it.
Glad you all had such a good time, so many memories for her.

melissa said...

Looks so fun! I love the red bow in her hair. :)