getting from there to here

may, 2004- decide to try for a baby

june, 2004- we're pregnant! that was fast. hello 16 weeks of morning sickness

march, 2005- our 1st miracle was born, sweet cheeks. oh how she has changed our world for the better

may, 2008- go through genetic testing to see if i am a carrier for an x-linked disease called ocular albinism

august, 2008- yup, i am officially a carrier. hoped this news would put the idea of another child out of my mind

august, 2008- april, 2009- hem and haw over whether to add another child to our family. big decision for many reasons

may, 2009- decide to try

june, 2009- we're pregnant again. wow, that was fast (again)

july, 2009- we lost the baby. i'm heart broken

feb, 2010- begin fertility drug, clomid- no success

march, 2010- clomid cycle, no success

april, 2010- clomid cycle, no success

may, 2010- go through reproductive endocrinologist and find out i have pcos, which is what has kept us from successfully getting pregnant. i'm sad and feel so broken

may, 2010- 1st iui, no success

june, 2010- 2nd iui, no success

july, 2010- can't even do 3rd iui. my body is no longer responding to meds. next steps would be either injectibles or ivf. the husband and i had already discussed it before going to our RE that this is where we would draw the line. no further treatment for us.

july, 2010-sept, 2010- coming to terms with the fact that our family of 3 is complete. sweet cheeks will be completely happy in life as an only child. it is hard, but we know we did what we could. try to accept the bigger picture we can't yet see.

sept 2nd, 2010- sweet cheeks has strep

sept 3rd-7th, 2010- i am sick and think it is strep too

sept 7th, 2010- go to the doctor. holy cow we're pregnant. get to have an ultrasound that very day and see a baby with a heart beat. i'm 6.5 weeks already! i can't believe it. what a miracle. a serious, amazing surprise

sept 8th, 2010- my birthday- what a present! and still the morning sickness continues

oct 2nd, 2010- tell sweet cheeks she is going to be a big sister. she can't believe it and asks me over and over again, 'real, is there really a baby in your belly? REAL?" i love that she is so excited

oct 7th, 2010- till who knows- the morning (all day) sickness takes its toll. ughhh... i'm so over this. the husband is so over this. sweet cheeks is so ready for mommy to feel better

april 30th, 2011- baby's due date

and now the world knows.

sweet cheeks is going to be a big sister!


Bettina said...

You are such a great writer, and I'm so, so happy for you guys!! If anyone deserves this it's you!

Mom said...

What a testimony of the faithfulness and goodness of God!

Lynne said...

I'm so happy for you. I can't stop smiling for you.

Heather said...

I will be praying for you!! What a blessing!!

Kristi said...

What a great story Tracey, it made me all teary. I am so happy and excited for you guys!

JD said...

What a journey! Definitely makes this even more sweet!