month 3

3 months already! I'm sad that I am rushing Hadley to grow up while I should be savoring each and every baby second. She has come so far though with each week she turns. She doesn't cry all the time like she once did. She is happy a lot and as a parent, that is so rewarding.

So at three months, Hadley:

-is all hands. She can practically get a whole hand in her mouth. Impressive, right
-is a drool machine still
-loves her feet. She is caught holding her feet lots
-can grab anything she sets her sights on
-is now on week three of the prevacid solutabs. She had been on compounded prevacid since two weeks. If I had known how well she would do on the solutabs, I would have changed her over 2 months ago. It's working out great
-is on night 3 of sleeping in her crib in her room on her belly. (ironically I'm on night 3 of sleeping on the floor in her room) she is doing so well with it since she has such strong neck and head control. She's still waking twice a night but seems to be sleeping more comfortably
-drinks 4 oz of alimentum formula every 3 hours.... So she probably won't be giving up those night feedings until she increases the amount she drinks during the day
-smiles so much
-is full time in daycare
-is still smitten with her big sister

Her three month pics

This sums up hads at 3 mos perfectly ... Mouth full of hand and hand full of foot!

Still has blue eyes. Thinking there here to stay

Such a sweet girl with an extra sweet smile

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Mom said...

That's our girl.
Love her smiles!