one of those blogs

i have become that mom who starts a blog and then ever so slowly lets life creep in the way and never posts again. i seriously feel like i have no time in the day. and i don't even know where the day goes but it is gone before i knew it was even here. yup, there it just up and went. did you see it?
i have hopes that now that the girls are in school (sniff sniff) and i am back at work that a routine will kick in soon and i will have a little more "me" time at the end of the day. of course this all works out perfectly in my little head but when it comes to actuality, that is a whole different story, right.

so i am here on my blog and setting post goals for this week

1. wordless wednesday
2. girls first day of school
3. hadley's month 3

wish me luck.


Mom said...

So, so glad to see you again. I have missed you. Praying your days go well and your routine kicks in soon.
I love you!

Mom said...

Oh, by the way, love the sweet cheeks amd sweet eyes picture!

Stephne said...

Being a mom is HARD work, then add in an outside job! Believe me, I understand. I love reading your posts, but more important than blogging is being a mommy. Your fans understand!