fallen leaves

yesterday was a beautiful day outside, even with the chill from the wind. i bundled hadley up and took her out front to play in the leaves.

i of course had to snap up a few pictures of her sitting (yes, has officially been a sitter since 1 week before turning 6 mos) and being entertained by all the pretty leaves. it was sweet to watch. it even took her a good 3 minutes before trying to eat any of them!

she loved the crunch in her hands

once i finished taking hadley's picture, i was immediately brought back to similar photos i had taken of caroline when she was about 7 months old.

so i had to share the comparison shots for fun...

sweet cheeks - nov, 2006

look at caroline's cheeks just hanging over! loves those.

even with the difference in cheek size, i do think my girls look a like. both have that one sweet dimple in their right cheek. they are both just so darn huggable!

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Ginny said...

WOW, she's sitting by herself.Love the pictures. Isn't it amazing how, even with the difference in cheek size, to see how similar they are.