month five

so hadley turned 6 months on october 29th. i took these pictures last weekend. just being honest people.

i can't believe this month i have a six month old and a six year old. it is just nuts.

anyway, since hadley is so freshly six months, i am still making this her month 5 update.

at month 5, hadley-

  • is an official sitter. what a big deal that is! i love seeing her sitting on her nursery floor and playing with her toys. such a big girl already
  • has so much hair. it really seems to be coming in fast. won't be long till i am getting some sweet hair clips in there
  • is still only drinking about 5 ounces per bottle
  • is still waking twice a night to eat. so need to get rid of one of those feeds. haven't i said that before. the husband and i need some decent sleep
  • weighs 16 pounds. had to take her for a sick appt last week and they weighed her then. can't believe she has more than doubled her birth weight already
  • is eating several new foods. though i wouldn't really call it eating. more like taste testing. so far i think she has had peaches, pears, carrots, sweet potatoes, and prunes. she just isn't a big baby food eater. she'll get there
  • loves to use her little mesh feeder. so far we have put ice cubes, frozen carrots, and grapes in it.
  • drinks water from a straw sippy cup
  • eats her socks when she doesn't have her robeez on
  • loves peek-a-boo
  • smiles the biggest for caroline, who we refer to at our house as "sissy"
  • sits in her bathtub now rather than laying back. i think we are going to move her to just the regular bathtub this month
  • loves to play with her sophie the giraffe, which i often call a chew toy. how ridiculous is that. isn't that what you call a dogs toy. i really need a better name
  • is such an easy, happy baby. even when the girl is tired, she rarely cries
  • really notices the dogs now
and here she is

with her favorite rattle

she has got some serious blue eyes

okay, so i said she rarely cries right. i just pushed my luck here by trying to add a headband...

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Ginny said...

She certainly has had a productive month. So many new things and all that hair. Thanks for the updates. I just love learning all about her.