chomp chomp

hadley loves to eat my necklaces.
all of them.
doesn't matter what kind they are. none of my necklaces are safe for a babies mouth i am sure. no telling what country they come from or what is on them. so i started waiting until i got to work to put my jewelry on.

then i find this place on etsy- the vintage honey shop -they sell some really sweet necklaces meant for little teethers to chomp on. what a concept... a necklace for hadley to eat and not choke on. so i had to try them. and the price isn't bad, $12.50 each.

guess what? they work! especially if i am wearing hadley in a sling. she loves them. maybe the little, round balls act as massagers to her sore gums.

how cute and stylish are they. i love the variety of fabrics and colors too.

these are the ones hadley eats


Ginny said...

They look so pretty on you, too!

Sara said...

they're so cute! I want one, but have nobody to chew on them ;)

Jenna said...

Yea!! I am Jennifer, from The Vintage Honey Shop!! I am so glad that you love our necklaces! It makes me sooo happy to hear about happy customers!!!

{happen to come across your blog in our list of referring websites on our etsy page!}

Thanks for the shout out!!!