month six

when left with nothing else... improvise.

that is what i am doing.

i did not get hadley's six month onesie shot. GASP! right. but totally not surprising from me these days. my brain has gone on a vacation. it's been on vacation. maybe a permanent vacation. i am not sure. so guess what i did? i still schlepped that six month sticker on her onesie this weekend and am going with that.

so hads at six months:

  • had four teeth come through in a matter of two weeks. the bottom middle two and her top two eye teeth
  • began scooting backwards but that didn't last long
  • started eating veggie puffs
  • started eating cheerios, which she loves. a pretty impressive pincer grasp already if you ask me, especially considering that the cheerios are broken in half
  • eats sweet potatoes, avocado, and green beans cut up into tiny pieces
  • still doesn't eat baby food... blah!
  • is taking one bottle at night
  • drinks 6.5-7 oz per bottle
  • still on prevacid. her gi is basically slowly weaning her by not increasing her dose based off her weight. so far she is doing great
  • likes to be tickled
  • took an actual bath sitting up with her big sister
  • had her first thanksgiving. ate some roll and sweet potatoes
  • smiles a lot
  • loves playing with her leapfrog musical table

hadley pretending to be 6 mos

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