in with the tubes

the month of december was a rough one for hadley. (i know i mentioned that before. that's how rough it was, worth mentioning twice)

it started with fluid in the ear, which within two days turned into a double ear infection. her first infection was a double and it was awful. she could not sleep. we did not sleep. for a month.

amoxicillin, omnicef, and augmentin could not get rid of it. 3 days of shots of rocephin worked but it was brutal.

thankfully we met with an awesome pediatric ent who said he would do tubes in our 8 mos old daughter the next day. we asked for the weekend to process it and had the tubes put in on monday.

the before part of the surgery was great, even with the waking at 5:40 am and not eating for hours.

the recovery was awful. she screamed her lungs off for 25 minutes. we were told she'd be returned to us sleeping. they lied. it was sadder than sad. she was crying because she was disoriented and that broke my heart. the idea of her feeling off, scared, and not knowing what was going on was a horrible one. it was a long 25 minutes but once she came to, it was over. she was back to her smiley, happy self the rest of the day.

in the waiting room

in her hospital gown
tiny foot with i.d.
still a before hand shot.... i don't have any afters. and for good reason

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Sara said...

That's the cutest tiny hospital gown ever! Hope the tubes help!!