sand in our shoes

we spent new year's down at st simons, ga with the husband's family. it was such a great trip. of course it was a big deal because it was hadley's first trip to the beach. it was also her first long drive in the car... 5.5 hours! which felt even longer on the return trip since caroline didn't ride home with us. hadley missed the entertainment.
our mini holiday to st. simons was a success. both girls had a great time. i think caroline's favorite part was/is riding the scooters around... the scooters that are like mopeds, not the foot pushing kind!

we were so fortunate that the weather was in the high 60's, low 70's the whole time. just beautiful. we got lots of outside time, even if it was just letting the girls ride their bikes around the mini-block in front of the beach house.

park visit down by the pier

mafra hadley ellis and caroline.... the cousins

to the beach

the sun was super bright... hence the closed eyes but she is standing in a sand hole. yup, i said sand hole.


Ginny said...

So glad the trip was a success- now to get ready for the BIG one!

Sara said...

great pics! Looks like a great time!!