making a spectacle of me

warby parker.

heard of them?

i hadn't until i was on people.com today.

they sell all of their glasses for a flat fee of $95. more expensive than zenni optical, yes, but still cheaper than my coach glasses for sure. and the best part is, like so many other company's today, warby parker has the buy a pair, give a pair philosophy. i love a win-win situation. i get to see and so does someone else all for $95.

warby parker has home-try on. stupendous idea! they send 5 frames of your choice to your house for you to try on (and get opinions on) before committing to buying a pair blindly. yes, that was a play on words right there. warby parker also include the return packaging slip. i am always a fan of plain and simple.

i really like a lot of their styles. whether i actually like any of them on me is another story.

anyone heard of them? or better yet, anyone tried them?


Ginny said...

I have not heard of them before, but like the idea of trying glasses at home. Go business sense.

melissa said...

Great idea! I need (want) a new pair.

melissa said...

Great idea! I need (want) a new pair.