year one

we celebrated hadley's first birthday last sunday. 


time is strange like that. in the moment of hadley's many sicknesses and reflux episodes, time seemed to stand still. celebrating her first birthday made me realize that time has actually flown by. 

what a year it has been though.

a reminder of where we started a year ago

hadley has gone from a crier to a spitter to a smiler to a teether to a crawler to a stander to a giggler to a walker to a chuckler to a runner to a player in such a short time. this girl makes everyone in the house smile.

 in the shirt her grandma made for her
my attempt at getting both girls in one picture... it pretty much always turns out this way
the birthday sign that caroline and i made
in the front yard watching her family arrive
eating lunch
attempting a bite of icing from her dairy free cupcake. of course she cried and wanted nothing to do with it. she gets that from caroline... the no icing thing. not from me!

and trying out her birthday present from aunt melissa

her grandma gave her a really cute pink rocking chair. i hope to get a picture soon of her in it. her nana gave her a target gift card, which was spent on diapers, wipes, a ball, and some bubbles. her aunt molly gave her a cute toy. her big sister gave her some bath toys. hadley is a lucky one.


Ginny said...

It truly is amazing how fast the time goes! Great party.

Bettina said...

Happy birthday Hadley. Can't believe one year has already passed. Looked like a wonderful birthday celebration.