a little outside fun time

i am skipping wordless wednesday this week. i had too many pictures i wanted to share.

one of my favorite things to see, as a mom, is my children laughing and playing together. and now that hadley is a bit older and stable on her own feet, she and caroline can actually have some real fun together. don't be fooled by the sweet photos that follow. the girls are still sisters, which by definition means antagonize each other as much as possible whenever the moment presents itself. i just appreciate the getting along times that much more because of it.

we took advantage of a pretty day last week for the girls to play outside with bubbles and silly string.

look closely...do you see the bubbles here? 

funny face to go with that funny hair

if i could just teach her to blow at the bubble wand
rather than eat it

she really can strike a pose at any given minute.
i think it is a natural talent of hers, though she
doesn't like to brag.... or does she?

bubbles and silly string

it is really hard to get two smiles at one time. 
mission accomplished here

caroline sitting pretty and hadley ready to take
flight with those wings in her hair

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Ginny said...

Cute, cute, and more cute!