and i just can't get enough

it's no secret... i love shoes for myself and for my girls. luckily i buy more for the girls than myself, as theirs are always a quarter of the price of a pair of my shoes.

at the beginning of the season, when everything is in stock, you can find some really cute shoes at target (and in your size!). i think i am addicted to that store. that is probably the same situation for a lot of people. that target is one powerful place.

shoes for caroline...

love the animal prints for her still

cute motorcyle-ish style boot. wish i could get her to wear jeans.

she so needs a nirvana tee, flannel shirt, and baggy jeans to go with these fairley boots. they look like dr martens, right-
sweet and preppy sneaker
i love the moccasin for her. unfortunately, she isn't a fan. maybe if she saw the rhinestones on it she would change her mind! she is a sucker for anything with glam.
a sweet, colorful polka dot ballet flat

and a few for me please...

i see a trend here with my taste: grays and neons

now if fall would just get here so i can justify a bit of shopping!

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