in the now

i admit it. hadley is a second child.

and by that i mean, a complete second child.

i'm talking not as many pictures, gets away everything, wearer of hand-me-downs, and already compared to her sister kind of a second child.  i am doing a horrible job of keeping up with her baby book still. so i am doing a post on hadley and what she is like now in her 19th month of life. just to give me something to look back on.

  • is super full of personality
  • has a mouth full of teeth, including molars
  • weighs 23 lbs
  • started talking quite a bit at 17 months but as of today, is even putting two words together. "hi sissy" for example
  • knows her body parts
  • has cough variant asthma which is set off by everything, so she has a constant cough. she uses an inhaler daily
  • still has reflux issues but so much better than they were as a baby
  • loves her sister and copies EVERYTHING she does. sometimes it can be cute. other times, a bit dangerous
  • can eat with a fork or spoon
  • does not drink her almond milk out of a sippy cup yet. this one drives me crazy
  • had the bottle taken away last month
  • is eating dairy and soy if baked into the product
  • loves black olives and eats them by putting her pointer finger into the middle of the olive and lifting it to her mouth. half olives get ignored 
  • sleeps in her crib from 7:30pm-6am and never naps for more than 1.5 hours during the day
  • is super stubborn
  • loves the color blue and is working on learning all the other colors that aren't blue
  • has used the potty twice. the first time really freaked her out. she jumped off and continued peeing on the floor
  • has a healthy appetite, eats a wide variety of food, so long as it doesn't feel slimy to the touch
  • though it's been offered to her thanks to the advent calendar,  still hasn't tried chocolate
  • loves dumdums
  • loves all things music and is quite the dancer
  • sleeps with two puppies and a pillow in her crib
  • plays hopscotch and is getting pretty good at jumping
  • throws a ball
  • pretty sure she is going to be a LEFTY
  • likes turning lights on and off
  • still uses sign language even though she can say the word
  • enjoys watching elmo videos on youtube
  • has had a life without cheese. what kind of life is that!
  • likes to write with a pen and play with stickers
  • loves to chase bubbles
  • gives actual kisses now, lips puckered and all
  • had a great first trip to disney land
  • has a lot of hair that is in need of a third haircut
  • enjoys brushing her teeth by herself and even tries to spit
  • loves to play with all of her cousins
  • always says "hi" to you as soon as you walk into her room first thing in the morning
i know i am missing some other fun facts but this is hadley in a nutshell at 19 months old. officially a toddler, no longer a baby. time is flying by.

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Ginny said...

I know you understand life as a "not first" child a little better, now.