we were all ears

over the thanksgiving weekend we had caroline's third trip and hadley's first trip to disney. things were a lot different this time around with a toddler but all in all, it was another amazing trip. and i got to eat several cream cheese filled pretzels! what more could you ask for.

i think caroline's favorite part of the trip was riding all the big roller coasters with phil. she is a brave one. if you asked her what her least favorite part was, she would say hadley waking her up in the morning. that is the negative to hotel rooms for sure.  i would say hadley's favorite part was riding the bus everywhere. it was a ride in itself not being in her car seat.  we walked so much, ate a lot of food (mostly of the unhealthy variety, but hey it's disney!), and had a lot of laughs.

i have so, so many pictures to share of our family adventure. it was hard to number it down!

day 1- our first ride on the bus to the universal studios. can't you just see the excitement in hadley's eyes! ok, not so much. but you can see it in caroline's eyes for sure.

lb getting her face painted. always a hit no matter where you are

lb and i posing w/ the lego german shepherd (made me miss bodi!)

just walked in to the magic kingom. that castle just makes you smile. 
the sun was shining right in our eyes, hence hads looking away

it's a small world
after all.
that song can stay in your head forever.

caroline and her mouse ears on the carousel

 the girls and their shades. we were so lucky that the weather 
was sunny and in the 70's every day for us

hadley patiently waiting to ride dumbo

caroline rode dumbo on her own. she's growing up too fast for me

caroline on barnstormer

the moment we all anticipated.... hadley meeting minnie
for the first time. it went just as expected, ending in
many, many tears. glad we caught this moment though

they have parades galore here. hadley is waving to minnie

one of our favorite rides, the people mover. so relaxing

on our boat ride to dinner

hadley on a bridge seeing the water below

a lot of this happened at disney- bus waiting

on a ride at epcot. this was the only day that hadley
had to go back to the room mid-day for a nap. she was exhausted.

epcot at night. the christmas lights here were amazing

hadley walking on concrete tiles w/ lights built in

once again, we attempted to let hadley meet a character.
once again, it ended in tears.

this is her kind of characters. they didn't try to hug her
once and remained at a safe distance

phil and caroline on a car ride

even at disney, caroline brings her style

lunch with tiger at the crystal palace. food wasn't good but
getting to see all the characters was fun for caroline

there you have it. a quick glimpse into our wonderfully fun family adventure to disney. can't wait for next year!

and thanks, mom, for making all those amazing matching shirts for the girls (and me!). you're terrific!


Ginny said...

Always love sharing special days.

Sara said...

Such great pictures!! Looks like a great trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Questions and Comments
1)is your husband not a blog guy, he never gets photo action?
2)you are a pretty momma
3)would you have waited to take Hadley, being so young, if it wasn't for Caroline?
4)how did your families feel about bailing on family thanksgiving?