it's february. hello, jamaica!

well, it is february.

in our house that means birthdays and jamaica.

we took our yearly trip with the husband's family to jamaica and despite many hiccups, we managed to have a great time.

i'll let the pictures do most of the talking but i will just say that this trip involved pools, water slides, sunblock, fevers, tylenol, food, pina coladas, beer, dancing, baths, rain, wind, and more food.

day 1: valentine's day

thanks, grandma, for the matching shirts!

day 2: swimming and fevers

you'd never know by looking at her in pictures below, but lb had a 
fever for several days. we even had her seen by a doctor while
there. she stayed hopped up on tylenol & motrin.

hadley carried sunblock around most of the trip

our nightly ritual of cocktail hour (cocktail 15-minutes) before dinner

many pina coladas were had by these two

day 3: fish feeding and rain

we'd bring bread to feed the fish but hadley
always managed to just feed herself.

 day 4: more rain & wind

thanks, aunt molly, for the matching dresses.

3 of our 5 days in jamaica looked a lot like this:


Ginny said...
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Ginny said...

Thanks for sharing your trip. :)

JD said...

Looks like a great trip!