ho ho holiday

i can't believe i haven't shared any christmas pics yet! and here it is february.

christmas this year was different for us. this is the first time in all of caroline's 8 and hadley's 2 christmases that we weren't home on christmas morning. we were up at grandma and grandpa's house. we decided to give it a try since so much of my family was going to be there. it was a lot of extra work for santa, i think, to deliver so many presents to one place, but it was worth it. the girls had such a fun time opening all of their gifts with everyone.  and thankfully we didn't wake the entire house before 5am like i had feared!

the girls both got their big christmas wishes. for caroline that was an ipod touch and for hadley that was a slide (remember it was on the list caroline wrote for hadley!). i can assure you that santa would be proud at how much use both are getting. the girls use them daily!

present time:

hadley's favorite part of this trip could of very well been her cousin, conley, and not all of the presents!

unfortunately, it wouldn't be a holiday for us without a sick kid and this year that was hadley. we ended up leaving my parents early to take her home to the doctor due to a virus she had, which of course inflamed her asthma.

christmas with everybody was a lot of fun indeed. i just wish i had taken the opportunity to get a lot more family pictures in when we were all together.

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Ginny said...

You are correct, it was a very special time, even if we didn't get any snow. I also wondered why we didn't get more family pictures. Maybe next year.