eight birthdays later

funny thing about birthdays, they really do happen every year. and every year i find myself wondering, how is it she is another year older?

well she is. caroline turned 8 in march and i still find myself asking where my baby went. 8! it is hard to swallow.

her 8th birthday party was a slumber party that included 2 cousins and 4 friends. 7 girls total may not sound like a lot, but believe me, when you are in thick of it 7 feels like 50! thankfully we had a lot of activities planned to keep them busy. and even with all the activities, they still found plenty of time for screams, messes, and a little chaos.

lb wearing the birthday shirt that her grandma made

yummy cake time! it was a cookie cake since
the birthday girl is not a fan of icing.

one of the party games... donuts on a string

we opted to not invest much in party favors. 
rather we had a face painter come over the 
next morning. it was a total hit with the girls.

Caroline at the age of 8:

  • is in the 2nd grade
  • loves to read A-Z mystery books
  • is a katy perry fan and quickly becoming a kelly clarkson fan
  • loves accessories
  • loves to get pedicures
  • loves to dance in the kitchen while we are cooking dinner
  • goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up at 6:30
  • favorite food is ribs
  • weighs 55 lbs
  • wears a size 3.5 shoe
  • is a super helpful, super sweet, big sister to hadley
  • has lost a total of 10 teeth 
  • is amazing at gymnastics
  • makes me nervous with the flips she likes to do
  • favorite tv show is austin and ally
  • loves chewy candy like swedish fish, skittles, & gummie worms
  • gets more toppings than yogurt at yogli mogli
  • is very funny and has a great sense of humor
  • does not like any of her clothes too tight
  • likes ankle socks
  • is obviously a pretty particular kid
  • has a lot of friends
  • is always the teachers pet
  • plays with barbies and american girls
  • plays hide and seek with her little sister
  • favorite color is anything but pink

happy 8th birthday to the world's most amazing caroline!

thanks for always being such an involved, positive role model for your baby sister.

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Ginny said...

She is an amazing young lady. (just like her mother) I love you, Caroline.