she says

hadley is talking so much.  her sentences are consistently 3 words now. i think she'll be a talker like caroline is. caroline had a great vocabulary early on and still does thanks to the power of reading!

i knew i had to write down a few of the funny and sweet things she is saying or i would totally forget a few months from now when she has a new slew of funny and sweet things to say.

"ahhhhh bess you"-  love this one. she says ahhhh bless you instead of ahhhh chooo for a sneezing sound

"meees you"- in the sweetest little high-pitched voice at the end of the day when i pick her up from school

"morning"- first thing she says when i come in to her room in the morning after a good night sleep and the first thing she says to her big sissy when she comes downstairs in the morning

"stop it"- which i find totally funny because she uses it correctly (& often)

"phia"- her favorite disney tv show, 'sophia the first'

"choco milk"- she's drinking cows milk now (she's come a long way w dairy).  caroline gets chocolate milk and hadley gets regular but she still calls it chocolate

"viman"- can you guess what this is? it's a vitamin. i've gotten into the habit, a good habit i might add, of giving the girls a daily vitamin. who doesn't love a good flinstone vitamin in the morning

i am most impressed with her language skills because she gets connotation and uses words correctly after only hearing them once or twice.

quite the speaker this one. she and caroline will have some deep conversations soon, i'm sure of it.

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