haddie gray is 2

it has been two years already since she joined our family. 2 years! 

how did that happen? did you see where that time went? i sure didn't. well maybe at times i did. mostly the bad times. why is that, the good times fly by and the bad times drag on? you're like, 'what? how can you say that?". i totally mean all the terrible health times with reflux, asthma and allergies. those are the bad times i am referring to. when we had (and still have) to see such a little body endure so much.

now on to hadley at the age of 2-
  • weighs 28 lbs and is 33 in. long
  • not a big sleeper but i blame the steroids. goes to bad lately around 9pm and wakes around 6:30am. average nap is an hour and a half. not a lot of sleep happening here
  • meds are prevacid in the morning, qvar at 2 puffs 2x a day, and albuterol as needed. we are also starting her on zyrtec daily 
  • is fully on dairy, though she still isn't interested in drinking milk
  • sleeps in a toddler bed 
  • loves the color blue. uhmmm, make that obsessed with anything blue
  • drinks from a cup
  • is great at putting her shoes on the correct foot. we are working on "left" and "right." i didn't say she puts on the same two shoes though. this girl prefers to wear two different shoes but at least on the right foot
  • is great at taking her socks off her feet and putting them on her hands
  • is definitely left handed
  • has the best manners. she always says please, thank you, and bless you
  • says "uhmmmm alright" rather than yes
  • can count to 14 in english and 10 in spanish (thank you breathing treatment where we have to count 10 breaths)
  • knows the abc's
  • knows colors
  • knows most of her shapes
  • favorite show is "sophia the first"
  • favorite foods are currently cucumbers and jammy sammies
  • favorite game is probably still hide and seek
  • favorite books are "cinderella" and "duck and goose"
  • says four and five word sentences
  • is very funny
  • loves to run, jump, climb, and hide
  • prefers her daddy and sister to push her in the swing since they push her high
  • has long, thick hair. seriously.  it's surprisingly long for her age
  • has a lot of tantrums. yup, a lot. daily. 
  • has a short temper
  • is stubborn and always wants what she wants when she wants it. did i mention she's stubborn?
  • unfortunately is a hitter. we are really working on this one with her. we say "hands are for hugs and high fives, not hitting." 
  • likes to share only half of the time
  • plays with her food
  • is tough and pretty quick to brush off boo boos
  • started a new preschool on monday. the exact one that caroline started the summer after she turned two too. so excited about this
  • still wants everything that her sister has
  • screams and cries when her sister leaves and screams with excitement whenever she returns
  • is so ready to start potty training (we are going to wait until after her new school transition)
  • doesn't sleep with covers or socks, though once she is sound asleep, i sneak socks on her
  • doesn't have a favorite toy
  • always wants to play in the car as soon as i unbuckle her
  • is really your typical two year old toddler

we celebrated her 2nd birthday at our house with family. it was a fun time for sure. i was just happy that hadley could eat a real cake this time, not a dairy/soy free one likes she did for birthday number one.

hadley's sweet grandma made her the "2" shirt

happy 2nd birthday to you, haddie gray! we are so happy you are a part of our family. you've completed it.

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Ginny said...

That's our girl!