haircuts...a third, a first, and a too many to count

i asked hadley if she wanted to get a haircut. she proceeded to walk to the bathroom. made sense seeing how her first two haircuts were given by me in the bathroom. yes, by me and in our bathroom. no experience necessary, right. but this time, we were taking her to an actual salon for kids. it was time she got a 'real' haircut. this girl has a lot of hair, as you may have noticed. i am pretty sure caroline was the most excited about hadley's first haircut. it was cute to see.

hadley's first haircut. i had to give her bangs to keep it out of her eyes!
hadley's 2nd haircut. i tried doing a little bob. not bad considering i'm no pro!
i think it looked adorable on her.

and lastly, her third haircut done at snipits for kids.i was smart this time (unlike caroline's first haircut)
and brought a dvd player (the wiggles) to occupy her.  it worked like a charm! no tears. just a big girl sitting in a chair getting a haircut.

the "after" shot. not much taken off the length, just really cleaned it up so it was the same length.
see, this girl has a lot of hair for 2 yrs 2 months old.

she wasn't the only one to get a new summer do. lb also cut a lot of hair off and i must say, i absolutely love short hair on her. no messes. no tangles. no fights. it's a win-win for us both! though unfortunately she is already saying she wants it long again. i hope she changes her mind once the tangles resume!

caroline's hair before
 and the after pics

and for fun, lb at her first haircut. she didn't fair quite as well as hadley. nor did she have near as much hair.

i've got two stylish girls on my hands.


Sara said...

Cute haircuts for both!!

Ginny said...

Always nice to look back and see how they've changed. :-)