a room to grow with

i loved sharing pictures of hadley's nursery back in 2011. it was a room that i loved and was so proud of how it turned out with the grey walls and pink/orange accents. it was such a sweet room for a sweet baby.

well now that our little hads is over two years old, her room has since been somewhat converted to a toddler room. the good news is, i still love it and i am pretty sure she does too. i think it is such a sweet room, full of color and lots of fun things for her to do. including one of her favorites, which is a little doll house that used to belong to her big sister, caroline. that doll house was caroline's very first doll house, given to her for her 2nd birthday from her aunt melissa. i had no idea then that there would ever be a little sister to pass it on to. so happy there is.

and for the sake of memory, because i love to look back on my blog as a sort of baby book for the girls, i am sharing pictures of what hadley's room looks like now. of course it will change again in the next month because we will be moving her to a twin bed from her toddler bed- can't wait for that.

here is her bed, which is the toddler bed from the ikea gulliver crib. i've been extremely happy with this crib and would definitely recommend it. it was the perfect price, the perfect color and shape, and serves it's purpose well.  hadley is playing with a cute letter puzzle. you can see on the wall by her white table is a little 'abc's' sheet that caroline made for her. she is always so thoughtful of her little sister.

the 'you are my sunshine' sign is one of my favorite things in her room. bought it at an art fair a few months ago from the vendor go jump in the lake. it's the perfect song for our little haddie gray.

wonder when we will give up the monitor? caroline was 4 before we did but i am thinking hads may be a little younger.

because of hadley's asthma issues, we do not have much by the way of carpet or curtains in her room. i try to keep it as dust free as we can just as a preventative measure. whether it really helps or not, i'm not sure. it is worth the try though.  i love the little wine box we use in her room for the extra book space. this girl has so many books! some that are new but of course many that were passed down from caroline. 

her cute little rocker was a 1st birthday present from her grandparents.
i think she has at least 5 different versions of cinderella between these three shelves.

here she is playing with what is probably her favorite toy in her room, the doll house. she plays with her disney princesses in the house.

her little coat hooks, which are hung right next to her door, are for sweaters, bags, and backpacks. you have to love her little polka dot rain boots, which she has never worn in actual rain but wears all over the house.

and that is it. pretty cute room for my active girl. hopefully i will have an update soon on her new bed. it is a classic white jenny lind. just have to get a mattress first.

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Ginny said...

Such a happy place. :-)