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i will catch up

i will catch up

i will catch up

i can not believe how far behind i have got on my blog. it is sad for me to see only a few wordless wednesdays over the last few months, rather than memory filled paragraphs on how the girls are doing and growing. let's hope i do better over the next coming months. i have so many fun things to blog about too! let's just let the suspense build with these two words... potty & training.

we got home last night after a 6.5 hour car ride, which included 1.5 hours of traffic. not moving, i want to jump out of this car and scream kind of traffic. families pulling over on the side of the road so kids could pee kind of traffic. normally the trip from st simons to our house would take us 5 hours. with a toddler, we do not need 5 extra minutes of car time, much less an extra hour and a half. all in all though, both girls did a great job of entertaining themselves. caroline made movies using her polly pockets, straws, and camera on her ipod touch. hadley watched probably one too many movies and ate one too many m&ms.  i even found myself picking up my book to read once or twice.

the weekend trip was a fun one. in the two full days we had there, we managed to squeeze in swimming at the beach, swimming at the pool, kite flying, bike & scooter riding, and lots of good eating.

this trip also included a first for hadley. she slept in the bottom bunk of the bunk beds in the girl's room. last trip (in june) we had her sleep on a toddler blow up mattress. so this was a big deal for her. i really think she loved waking up in the morning with her big sister in the room with her. if we didn't just buy her a cute twin jenny lind bed, i would have been tempted to put bunk beds in her room.

oh how we love us some st simons.

and thanks to my so sweet parents who kindly watched blue dog for us while we were gone.
thank you!


Ginny said...

Welcome home!
Glad you had a great trip, and you're welcome.

JD said...

I'm trying to get back into blogging too after not posting all summer! Here's hoping we can both do it!