9 birthdays later

i think i just posted about caroline's 8th birthday. now i have to write about her 9th birthday. her life seems to be going warp speed. i want her to just slow down. i want to revel in the moment, the day, the minute with her but by the time i remember to do that, it is gone and she is another day, another year grown. the growing of one's child is such a bitter sweet. on the one hand, i am so proud of the little lady she is growing in to. she is amazing, inspiring, thoughtful, smart, and so many other positive things. so as her parent, i can't help but feel simply proud. then i think about it and as quickly as i am proud, i am sad. sad that time is going by so quickly. sad that my first born child is anything but a baby anymore. sad that i am letting each day go by without appreciating what i have in this amazing child. so her growing up leaves me feeling conflicted. enough about me and my emotions. this is about caroline and her awesomeness!

happy 9th birthday, caroline. you rock!

this is how i remember caroline looking but i guess the above pictures tell me otherwise.

we celebrated caroline's birthday w a few of her friends and two of her cousins. her choice this year was dinner at california pizza kitchen, then back to our house for games and a cookie cake. we played tag, did a treasure hunt for goody bags, balloon pop, and a few other minute-to-win-it style games. i think all of the girls, caroline especially, had a super fun time.

the party-goers at cpk for dinner

 caroline is a sweet girl and surrounds herself with other sweet girls

caroline at the age of 9:

  • loves sports and anything related to sports... basketball and soccer especially
  • love sporty clothes- i.e. nike & under armour
  • still takes gymnastics and is pretty close to mastering a back handspring. her strength is definitely the bars
  • started piano 3 months ago
  • joined chorus at her school
  • is in the 3rd grade
  • i am not sure how tall she is but she weights 61 lbs 
  • she is a string bean w long, skinny legs
  • had to wear two different types of mouth spacers this year to widen her upper palette. her teeth look so good and we are hoping she won't need braces ever
  • had her tonsils removed in november. a not-so-fun experience but has paid off as she hasn't had strep once since
  • had her first concussion thanks to a not so successful back handspring
  • had a fish bone stuck in her left tonsil from a fish she caught
  • went skiing for the first time with her dad
  • still loves math... it is her favorite subject by far
  • favorite music is still katy perry and taylor swift
  • favorite tv shows are lab rats, austin & ally, and jesse
  • is a fan of superheroes, especially ironman and captain america
  • does not sleep anywhere but home (we are anxiously awaiting this phase to pass)
  • favorite foods are steak and ribs
  • is still always so thoughtful of others
  • is so patient and kind with hadley. if an award was given for world's best sister, i am 100% certain caroline would win it
  • for as long as i can remember, caroline's nickname from her dad and i has been "LB," which stands for little bit. this year caroline has requested we stop calling her that as she is no longer little. this saddens me
  • still refuses anything in the color of pink
  • doesn't really "play" with many toys anymore
  • is still a small eater, more of a day grazer like myself
  • had her bedroom painted turqoise, her choice
  • is very afraid of bees
  • doesn't eat icing or whipped cream
  • loves to play outside (despite said scary bees!)
  • was selected in a lottery to attend kittredge magnet school (we are still making our final decision on whether she will go or not)
  • is loved by everyone due to her kind, thoughtful nature
i am so thankful for her. every day with her is a complete blessing.

she is nothing short of amazing. i am so excited for what the future holds for her. 

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Ginny said...

She truly is an amazing young lady!
Can't wait, it won't be long, to read about her 10th year. :-)