washing made easy (well, easier)

i love when i find a simple invention that makes things easier for myself, or anyone in our house.

it is always something so simple, so perfect that i kick myself for not inventing it! a why-didn't-i-think-of-it-first kind of moment.

the great product i am talking about is the prince lionheart faucet extender.

i had to make a trip to buy buy baby the other day for a shower gift. and may i add that the store made me a bit sad walking through it. as i walked in and out of each aisle filled with items like onesies, swaddlers, bottles, diapers bags and blankets, i realized i was at the place in my life of saying bye-bye to my baby. with hadley's 3rd birthday quickly approaching, i am sad about the fact that she is no longer my baby, rather a toddler all the way. we just don't have much need shopping in a store like that anymore. can i get a tissue, please. sniff sniff

ok, but back to the great find that was at the store... the faucet extender. what a great idea!  hadley uses a stool to wash her hands. even with the stool she is still on her tippy-toes and at a 30 degree angle with arms stretched way out trying to reach the water. i hate seeing her tiny tummy dig into the harsh sink countertop as she leans to reach. that can't feel good. the faucet extender allows the water to come several inches closer to her, which makes her hand washing experience safer and more comfortable. it's a win-win. the top of the extender is rubber so i assume it can fit onto any bathroom faucet. thankfully they come 2 to a pack, so our upstairs and downstairs bathrooms now sport these handy things.

i need to get a picture of hads actually using them. she was so excited when i first showed them to her. gotta love it when washing hands is not a chore anymore.

here is a picture of them on our guest bathroom sink-

awesome, right?