our life ordinary... the caroline session

just an update on the girls (individually because together made this post too long) at this point in their lives, on this thursday, aug 21st.

by the way, august is flying by. only a few days till september. it was a quick month.

she started her new school! and i have to say it is going so, so well. so much better than i anticipated. i am so thankful that she is a brave, social kid. i really think after the first five minutes in her new homeroom at her new school with all new students that she was at home. i love and admire that about her. i don't do near as well with change as she does. luckily her teachers are all wonderful and haven't bombarded her with too much homework yet. i'd say an average of 30 minutes so far. and for a school known for a lot of homework, we aren't complaining. german, it is going great. i love hearing her learn a new language. it isn't the softest language so we get a kick out of some of the sounds and words. though it hit me in the car yesterday when she was saying these words that i didn't know what they meant, that we are going to be in trouble come high school when she is able to have complete conversations with her friends and we will not have a clue as to what she is saying. hmmm... maybe german is in my future, too. i should mention that one new thing that took caroline by surprise at her new school is a male teacher. her homeroom teacher is a man and she has never had a man teacher before. it was pretty funny just how surprised she seemed... maybe not in a good way though.

i am not being unrealistic here about the school year. i know it is going to get much tougher. i know the homework will get longer. i know the tests will get more difficult. i know the tears will come. i also know that this kid is equipped to handle it. she is up for the challenge. her competitive nature can be a curse, but a blessing as well.

and no uniform! it is working out so well for her. i love my sporty, stylish girl who is not afraid to mix skirts, with sweatshirts, with necklaces, with sneakers. she is fashionable. picking out her clothes the night before is really a great process so far that we really have to stick with. unlike last year, caroline wakes up at 6:20am now (last year was like 6:45), goes in the bathroom to get ready, then comes downstairs to eat breakfast. she does better knowing how much free time she has left after she is all ready. last year she took too much time watching a show while eating breakfast, leaving herself 10 minutes to frantically get ready. i like this way much better. less yelling and crying is always a better thing.

she also started team gymnastics at a new gym (did i mention she doesn't shudder with change).  her last gym did not have team. the gym before that did not have hours conducive of working parents. so this new gym has the best of both worlds... later start times, weekend classes, and a team. this is the same gym that hadley takes gymnastics at on saturday mornings. caroline's gym schedule is wed & sat for 2 hours per class. they work these girls.... running, ab exercises, rope climbing. it isn't just jumps, balance, and twirls! it is real strength and endurance training, as well as the basics. last night was her first class and she was very exhausted. can't wait to see her start competing.

that is it on lb. as if that isn't enough.

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Ginny said...

So proud of her. Lots of changes,and she takes them all in stride, and shines!