our life ordinary... the hadley session

hadley. hadley. hadley.

let me start off by saying that hadley recently decided to change her own name. i called her by her name last week, hadley gray. she quickly blurted out to me that her name is "hadley mae fortune." uhmmm.... what? i have no idea, none at all, where she got mae from? it isn't like she didn't know her name was gray. she knew. she just decided on her own accord that mae is a more suitable name for herself i guess. i just went with it. as a parent has to do.

so hadley had a bit of a rough week two weeks ago. i think she caught whatever bug is going around that is cough and congestion. unfortunately when this girl gets a cough.... she gets a COUGH. it keeps her up. it lasts for weeks. it involves multiple breathing treatments. fortunately this time around though it did not involve any hospital visits. that is always a treat. she is on the mend  now and sleeping better at least. her cough reappears when she is too active but it is impossible to tell the girl to slow down. not in her vocabulary.

what else is going on with hads? on a positive note, the girl is wearing socks! what the what! socks you say. she surely is. so proud of her for yet another thing that she worked hard at with therapy and brushing, and was able to change. she is a force to be reckoned with. spd has nothing on her. she does what she wants to do when she wants to do it. that is just how this kid works.  after having endured weeks of smelly feet, which was the direct result of princess light-up sneakers without socks, i think she just couldn't take it anymore.  we went to target, she picked out "sport socks" as she calls them, and she wore them. and has worn them all week long. 

look how cute she is in her socks. the sneakers are cute as well but only lasted one day. she hasn't put those things on since.

not sure why every time the camera comes out, this face does too? she prefers herself with a funny face i guess. again, i'm just rolling with it. hadley is hadley.

we discovered a new food last week that hadley likes. subs. how strange a food for very picky toddler to like but she does. she ate the entire thing up. bread, turkey, lettuce, mayo, oil, and vinegar. all of it. ate it up. even caroline was impressed with hadley's decision to eat a sub.

i mentioned in the caroline session that hadley does gymnastics. she takes it on saturday mornings and it is perfect for her. it is kind of "hard work" like her OT therapist recommends. she does lots of climbing, jumping, hanging, swinging, and stretching. it is a lot of fun for her. she has really taken to her coach, Coach Ryan. one day he wasn't there and hadley didn't even participate in the class. i think she is kind of the opposite of caroline with change, in that she doesn't really care for it.

so that is the update on hadley. making more and more strides each week, even if that week is a terrible week full of tantrums, yelling, kicking, crying, and hitting. she isn't perfect. she has bad days. she has really bad days. she can still always bring a smile to our faces.

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Ginny said...

It is always to hear of her progress.Oh, by the way, you forgot to mention the commitment her parents have made in her progress. And yes, she can certainly bring a smile.