not just small potatoes

saturday morning sweet cheeks and i had the best breakfast out. we had a delectable fresh cinnamon crunch bagel topped with cream cheese, a new favorite to sweet cheeks food list which i blame myself for since i ate at least 2 of these a week my entire pregnancy. it wasn't the tasty bagel that made this one of our best breakfasts out, but rather the time we spent together. we ordered a bagel that wasn't even ready yet and we waited 15 minutes for it. normally i would have freaked because our restaurant time is usually a good 20-30 minutes max with our toddler and i was by myself with her, i knew i didn't have that kind of time. since it was by far our first beautiful fall-like morning, we decided to eat outside. plus, i thought this would work out best for a toddler who liked to roam. we picked out a table and sat there... playing... talking... visiting... watching. seriously, it was so memorable. sweet cheeks and i, alone and together, out to eat, just enjoying one another and the great weather we were having that day. she had no problem sitting still while we waited for our bagel. i would periodically ask her if she wanted to walk around while we waited, to which she quickly replied,' no, i like sitting." then to top it off, she even ate an entire half of a bagel. this is huge for a small eater that we nightly beg to get in a good 5-6 bites for dinner and we are satisfied. i know that since you weren't there with us to witness this, it seems like small potatoes but to me it was perfect.

i have finally taken some pictures of sweet cheeks but didn't bring my camera in to download them, so pictures of her will yet again have to wait until my next post.

from the time sweet cheeks was 8 weeks old until she was about a year and a half, robeez were a staple in her daily attire. i loved loved loved these shoes for many reasons. one being how freakin adorable they are. another being how soft they were, to just mold to her foot. so many baby shoes i had seen were hard and not easily bent. also, they washed well. i even started giving robeez as baby gifts to many of my friends so they could also fall in love this with great, stylish baby shoe. (nikki- so sorry i didn't give the captain a pair sooner!)

now i want to know why these robeez were not out when sweet cheeks could actually wear them!!

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aka Molly said...

Love Caroline's new dress. If she's anything like Elizabeth, she LOVES getting new clothes.