it's candy?

sweet cheeks is already quite girlie. she is so interested in lip gloss and wants to buy some every time we are at target. thankfully she considers chapstick to be lipgloss. i love her imagination because a chapstick can easily convert into a baby bottle. necklaces are another thing she loves to buy. she has discovered candy necklaces (which target just has to sell in the checkout aisle!). the good news is that sweet cheeks doesn't know they are candy, to her it is just a bulk package of fun colored necklaces. here she is wearing all 6 of them, casually, while playing with her playdough.

we had snow last night. it was so fun to see. sweet cheeks enjoyed it for a little bit, until her hands started to freeze that is. but being the ham i am, i had to get a picture of her in the snow. then with her dad. then with me.

one of sweet cheeks favorite places to go is to a local airport to watch planes take off. they have a small park there as well and sweet cheeks love to swing. not sure who taught her this but she has discovered that she too can fly!


i am so over this writers strike and am 100% ready for new episodes of my favorite shows to air.


and once again, something great and wonderful for babies now that i have a toddler. dwell baby is an amazing line of baby decor that i have always loved and admired from the web only. now, for some lucky soon-to-be mommies, dwell baby has a new line coming out at target.
take a peek by clicking here.


Sara said...

Cute pictures!
So funny about the candy necklaces!

Carly said...

I love those snow pictures. They look magical!

Ali said...

the snow pictures = perfection! love!