an album of sorts

i will spare you too much reading and just go right to the good stuff. this post is dedicated to pictures from before christmas, during christmas, and after the new year. lots of good ones. all in all, we had an amazing christmas with sweet cheeks. she was so into the whole idea of it.

oh, and the best part of the holiday was that sweet cheeks gave up her beloved best friend of the past almost 3 years, her paci! she has gone a total of 4 nights so far without it and isn't looking back!

enjoy the pics.

-sweet cheeks with one of her cousins.

-sweet cheeks with another one of her cousins

-one of my best friends and my sister, who also happens to be my bestest friend

-me, my sis, and another best friend (who just so happens to be my first friend from the 6th grade when i moved to GA)

-sweet cheeks, her cousins, and my girlfriends two girls

-me and sweet cheeks

-sweet cheeks with her grandma (i absolutely love this shot)

-sweet cheeks posing as her silly self under the tree that she just decorated

-sweet cheeks making rudolph cookies

-and finally, sweet cheeks playing with her two favorite gifts from santa- her rose petal cottage and vacuum


aka Molly said...

You seem to get more beautiful as we get older! I love the pic of you and Caroline.

Bettina said...

Great pictures! What a sweet photo of you and Caroline. I don't think Ii knew that you used glasses. You look great with them on!
I love the rudolph cookies, how cute.
Looked like you all had a fun time.

Carly said...

Those pictures are wonderful. Caroline is so beautiful (which is no surprise considering who her mom is!)