holy cow! more snow

we seriously never get snow here. year after year we may get a few cold temperatures, even a bit of ice, but never snow. now, in '08, here we are on our second round of snowy weather. this time it even happened on the weekend so we could get out and play in it a bit. sweet cheeks was a bit timid at first and would barely walk on the snow, much less play in it. finally after about 5 minutes outside all bundled up, she finally warmed up to it, growing to love it! so of course i have to share a few photos of her building her very first snowman ever with her daddy and doggies outside. it really was one of the best days ever, even in the 20 degree temperatures. and it is really hard for me not to boast just how beautiful my daughter really is, so see for yourself-

sweetcheeks, her daddy, and myself came inside to a nice cup of hot chocolate. she guzzled it right down!


i can't believe i haven't seen this movie yet. i see it is up for an oscar for best movie. from what i hear, it is great and i want to see for myself.

how cute is this doorknob sign for a sleeping/awake baby?

you can see them at eggigle.

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Carly said...

You should see Juno if you can. I watched it today and it's a wonderful movie!