keep them coming

no sooner did i mention my mom making that shirt for sweet cheeks did we receive another box of 3 new grandma creations!

i was so impressed. sweet cheeks was too! she kept asking me over and over, "but how does she MAKE the clothes." she is impressed with her grandmas mad sewing skills.

this one is by far sweet cheek's favorite of the 3. she wore it to school today, proudly.

i absolutely love the print contrast from the polka dot pants to the blue toile top. love that top.

this dress is my favorite one on sweet cheeks. adorable.

little did my mom know what she was getting herself into. i am now going to have her make me some decorative pillow covers for my couch! i am so enjoying this talent of hers. thanks mom!


this is one of my new favorite songs from the zac brown band. it is country, so don't listen if you don't like country. well actually you should listen because it is a good song and it is good to try new things. that is what i tell sweet cheeks anyway.


Bettina said...

Nice work by grandma. I love SCC in the first picture. And her hair looks so good on her.

aka Molly said...

Wow, I want to adopt your grandma!!!! Makes me want to pull out my sewing machine... not that I would know how to turn it on!