livin' in a box

i saw this cool playhouse on modernseed. (you must click on this link. this site really has so much cool stuff!) it is a 100% cardboard (recycled) playhouse that comes in white. it folds flat when not in use. the cost is $49. pretty cute and sure any toddler would love to play in and decorate it.

also saw this in our garage. enough said.

also at modernseed is this amazing eames rocker that i am totally in love with and if i had the money i would totally buy it, love it, and smile at it every time i saw it sitting so pretty in some simple room in my house that does not possess any amount of furniture in it that would total together what this one piece of furniture would cost me. seriously, you have to love this chair!i do.

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Mom said...

Better check your garage, you may have a rocking chair as well.