with this key

pardon my week long absence but the family and i were busy vacationing in the florida keys. and what a time we had.

the only sour note of the trip was when sweet cheeks came down with strep. we had to visit a dreaded walk-in clinic (99% of the time they are pretty nasty) to get her diagnosis and meds. we were fortunate that at her worst, sweet cheeks was only out for a day and a half of our 5 day vacation. plenty of fun was still had.

sweet cheeks playing in the sand

that is sweet cheeks and her daddy in the pool. the pool had a gorgeous view of the ocean & boats

taking her "elevator" out of the pool. i love this bathing suit on her

can you see the knot on sweet cheek's forehead in this picture? she managed to somehow roll off the bed (wide awake mind you) and bounced her head off the floor. ouch!

all smiles on the glass bottom boat. she and her daddy enjoyed a "2 hour tour."

the fish

being wind blown on the boat (don't you love her in these sunglasses)

walking on the pier at this really cool restaurant. it was located right where the shrimpers are. can't get any fresher. sweet cheeks enjoyed fried shrimp, lobster, and crab cakes at that meal.

beautiful view from that same restaurant on the pier. our table was outside.

sweet cheeks enjoyed a chocolate covered slice of key lime pie

sweet cheeks and her daddy


Mom said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time. I am also happy that SC did not inherit her mother's seafood allergy.

Sara said...

Great pics! Looks like y'all had a fun time!!