as if it wasn't already enough

sweet cheeks, as i have said before, has issues getting dressed in the morning. i wish i was here to say that those issues have been resolved. i'm not. i am here to say they have in fact gotten worse because sweet cheeks wants us to dress a like every day. do you know how difficult that is to do?

tuesday morning we were making it work. we both had on gray skinny cords, light gray ls tee, and a pink ss tee on top. simple enough. well the time comes for us to put on our shoes. i put on my pumas without socks. she decides she is going to wear her vans, which she hasn't worn yet because they are too big, without socks. i told her if she was going to wear them, she needed to wear the socks because they would make the shoes not so big and prevent her from getting blisters.

her honest answer to me was, "then people will know us apart."

as if the socks would be the only visual distinction between me and my 4 year old daughter.

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JD said...

LOL! That's adorable. But I can see how it would get annoying too!