someone is already wearing her new school shoes... before school has even started! we were never allowed to do that. and for good reason when it came to me and clothes. i was notorious for getting stains on mine and my sister's clothes. she loved me for that i'm sure. who wants to send their kids to school on the very first day in a shirt with a bit of sauce or ketchup on it. not this mom. that is exactly what would happen if sweet cheeks wore her new clothes before hand. she is an advocate for using her shirt as a napkin. somehow it is different for her to go to school the second week with stained clothes, right. at least the teachers know you started out with good intentions and clean clothes.

i am ok with her wearing her new shoes though, breaking them in i guess. they are a bit big on her but i think that is a good thing since it leaves room for her feet to grow.

both pairs of shoes from garnet hill are absolutely adorable on her. glad she loves them too.


Mom said...

so cute- and the other pair?

Bettina said...

So cute. Perfect color for fall.