money money money

sweet cheeks was pretty fortunate this christmas and received quite a bit of money from her great grandparents. i am speaking of a lot of money in terms of a 5 year old. she got $100 but you would have thought it was a million. she was ecstatic and kept saying it out loud over and over, "i have a hundred dollars!". it was pretty cute.

since santa thought best to bring sweet cheeks a vanity this year rather than another american girl (he so generously gave her rebecca last christmas), sweet cheeks decided to use her own money and buy herself another doll.

what a trip that was!

i think we were in that american girl store for over an hour while she decided which girl she wanted. i really enjoyed watching her weigh her options with each doll she browsed.

in the end, it was julie who won sweet cheek's heart.

here are the girls on their first carousel ride together.

seriously, you have got to love sweet cheek's sense of style, right down to the jeweled flower on her face!

so happy together.

don't worry... sweet cheeks makes sure she spends equal amounts of time between julie and rebecca, as not to hurt either doll's feelings. she is thoughtful like that.

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Mom said...

Great choice! Can't wait to meet Julie.