the crib we're in

we took a trip to ikea.

it started out as a trip to buy the gulliver crib in white. after reading many reviews, i had decided that this crib was the way to go. not only was it cheap ($99) but it also received great ratings in consumer reports. plus, i read many other good things about it on my favorite website, ohdeedoh. it is easy to trust other parents, right. why would they lie.

once we got to ikea though, the husband liked the hensvik crib better. i could see his point as this crib converted easily into a cute toddler bed. i loved that he had an opinion regarding the crib, so i went with it and we took home the hensvik.

once we got home though and i began to read about the hensvik crib, i saw that it didn't rate near as well. nor did many of the comments i read on it sound as great. so i asked the husband if he would mind if we returned that crib back to ikea and went with the original plan of the gulliver. so that is just what we did. we returned the hensvik with the intentions of getting the white gulliver. of course, after the return, we went down the aisle to grab the gulliver, which was now a "last chance" buy at ikea for only $79, and they were out! i was already panicked. so i called ikea two days in a row waiting for their last 6 gullivers to come in. finally it did and sweet cheeks and i schlepped down on our own to ikea and bought that crib.

so yippy... baby girl now has a bed for sleeping in!
next on the list... a car seat and stroller!

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