23 weeks

how far along: 23 weeks, 2 days

weight gained: 6 lbs

maternity clothes: yup, all the time! i love my gap maternity jeans and cords.

stretch marks: no! i did start using my mustela 9 month maternity cream. hope it works at preventing this time around too.

belly button in: yes

baby movement: i feel her. the husband can feel her. sweet cheeks can feel her. all the time. she is a tumbler, especially at night. it is the most amazing feeling in the world and just impossible to describe.

cravings: sadly yes... mcdonalds sausage, egg, and cheese mcmuffin. also, blueberry mini wheats.

aversions: still none

next appt: mlk day- we get to have an ultrasound to check the moderate placenta previa i have. sweet cheeks will get to go. hope she is as amazed at seeing her sister as i am imaging her to be.

symptoms: trouble sleeping, sciatic nerve pain, and daily reflux issues. it is ridiculous how hard bending over has become.

me at 23 weeks. the belly has grown lots since 18 weeks!


JD said...

You look adorable!! What a cute

Sara said...

one of my fave parts of being pregnant is feeling the baby move all around! much better than being kicked from the outside, lol!