month 2

Hadley turned 12 weeks yesterday but these pictures were taken Monday, so technically she was still two months.

These days hadley
-holds a baby speak conversation with you which is totally adorable
-reaches for things with her hands in a semi uncontrolled manner. She wants to grab something and flails her arm in the right direction till she hits something
-smiles lots, especially if Caroline is in view
-eats 3oz per feeding which is usually ever two hours
-is no where close to sleeping through the night. The longest stint to date was 5 hours, and that's only happened twice! Average is four hours then every two
-takes 2.5mls of prevacid in the morning and evening, and mylanta as needed
-is absolutely adorable
-is due to start school, as we like to call daycare, in two weeks

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Mom said...

Great to see her making so much progress. It's amazing how much they learn and change is such a short time. Always fun to see her expressions!