picture overload

so i have been mia for two weeks. hadley is keeping me way more busy than i ever expected.

she was having a few good weeks but unfortunately the vaccinations she received last friday set her back again due to a reflux flare up. a week later and she is doing a bit better but still not where she was prior to the shots. i really think it was the rota vax that did her in. it is a live virus and viruses, so i am told by her gi doc, will always result in a reflux flare up. wish i would have put two and two together before the vaccine. maybe i could have prevented her from having a bad week.

so now i present to you picture overload of my girls, caroline and hadley...

hadley lights up when her sister is near. i love to see them together!

she looks so old here! such a big kid


Mom said...

So good to see you again. The girls are so beautiful, just like their mother! What did sweet cheeks do to her nose?

Sara said...

love the update, esp all the cute pics :)