the first is so close

in just 3.5 weeks sweet cheeks will be starting the first grade. not only has her summer flown by, her last 6 years have flown by. she is very excited to be a first grader.

we did most of her school shopping already at old navy. sweet cheeks wears a uniform so the shopping isn't as exciting as i once remember. her wardrobe consists of polos in red, white, or navy, and pants/skirts in khaki or navy. thankfully she is able to spruce up her mundane outfits with her shoes, socks, leggings, and headbands.

sweet cheeks picked out her backpack from garnet hill this year. for some reason she really wanted one that rolls. i jus went with it.
and bonus! their backpacks come with free shipping and a free matching lunch box right now. oh how i love free.

and we also got her these fun morgan + milo leopard print mary janes from garnett hill-


Mom said...

Wow! Three posts in one week, gotta love it.
She is such a fashionable young lady. To be able to make a uniform fun is great, oh, and to get a deal beside that is good for mom and her.

Susan said...

What is up with the rolling back pack? Rebecca too. We just got a pink camo headband and bow - perfect for these mundane uniforms. Love all the stuff you find for her to wear!